About Us

Statement of purpose

The 24 Hour Community Spacewalk is a free twenty-four hour long creative adventure. It takes place in a participating area of a city and incorporates the local community, artists, restaurants, non-profits, and churches. The Spacewalk festival begins at noon in a designated location with a collective event. Then, with program and map in hand, Spacewalkers begin their own odyssey. Spacewalks conclude with another collective event in a particular location with the focus on contributions, for example in-kind donations by restaurants to feed the local needy, or cleaning the streets where needed. The Spacewalk creates an opportunity for individuals to work, create, collaborate, organize and celebrate as a community team. It encourages the individual to take on the responsibility for their own ideas and how they can interact within and affect their community.

Spacewalk events have already occured in San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Spacewalk potential has been sited in London, Berlin, and Barcelona.

In 1997 and 1998 Spacewalk collaborated with the San Francisco Arts Commission. In 1999 the Hollywood Arts Council fiscally sponsored the event.

Spacewalk's future includes travel to art schools, organizations, community groups, and businesses giving talks and teaching collaboration workshops.

The potential of doing a Spacewalk in Detroit is here! Warrior Girl is looking towards working with the community in Detroit to create the next 24 Hour Community Spacewalk.

What we do!

Spacewalk provides an opportunity to bridge class, gender and racial boundaries through interaction and creation. This is not just another art opening, festival or carnival, our projects teach and demand communication, teamwork, imagination, and organization. Through the support of local organizations each individual, business or non-profit group works together to produce the festival. These unique adventures are comprised of mobile art, performance, theatre, life-sized interactive games, non-motorized vehicle parades, theme camp headquarters, late night silent parades, and anything else you can possibly imagine.